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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) allows you to tap into the power of your Higher-Self, learn from your past lives and get healing for your current life.

“Life’s Like a Play : it’s not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters”

by Lucius Annaeus Seneca, 5 BC – 65 AD

Every life is unique and there is a lesson in every life. Each person is the director, script writer and actor of his or her own life journey. But when we come to this world, we realize this world is spiritually very dense. Not everything always turns out the way it was originally intended.

At times, we feel a little lost and need a helping hand from our higher selves to get us back on track with our lessons. This is where I can help. Through Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®), I can facilitate a dialogue with your higher self, who will give you the most loving and appropriate healing that you need.

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique ®

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) is a hypnosis technique developed by the famous past life regressionist and hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon. It is a unique hypnosis method that uses information in our past lives and the help of our higher selves (or over souls) to provide answers and healing to the root cause of discomforts in our physical bodies.

The most pronounced difference between QHHT® and other healing modalities is that QHHT® addresses the root causes. In most cases, all necessary healing can be facilitated in one session.

Every ache, pain and symptom is the body delivering a message of importance to you in its own unique language. We are much greater than the sum of our physical parts. We are spiritual beings residing in physical bodies. Hence, what we feel physically can be a manifestation of what is going on in our spirit.

QHHT® provides a way for our higher selves to communicate with us at the conscious level about how the state of our spirit is causing discomforts in our bodies.

QHHT® involves:

  • Going into Somnambulistic state of trance
  • Visualization
  • Access to past lives and once’s Higher-Self
  • Instantaneous healings when appropriate

Some of the remarkable results Dolores and her QHHT® Practitioners alike have experienced during sessions:

  • Cartilage being reconstructed between joints
  • AIDS being cured and eradicated from the body
  • Heart conditions being healed, afterwards surgery is no longer required
  • Deteriorated livers being regenerated and restored to full function
  • Damaged kidneys being regenerated and restored to full function
  • Open flesh wounds being regenerated with no scarring
  • Migraines being explained and their root causes removed
  • 20/20 vision being restored where people no longer need corrective vision
  • Diabetes being cured and the causes for it explained
  • Intestinal problems being cured
  • Lower and middle back problems being cured
  • Neck and shoulder pains being removed
  • Lung associated problems being cured
  • Skin problems

For more information about QHHT, please refer to Dolores Cannon’s QHHT web page.

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About Andrew Tang

Andrew TangAndrew Tang is an explorer of human consciousness who helps individuals reclaim the healer within themselves. He has been a software entrepreneur for more than 30 years. He embarked on his spiritual journey in 2017, and since then, has become a certified Practitioner of QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), Hypnotherapist, Awakened Mind Practitioner, and a Reiki Master-Teacher. Andrew constantly expands his knowledge in different healing modalities, including the ACMOS Method, Biogeometry techniques, and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Coherence Healing Method.

In addition, Andrew is also keen on learning about and exploring many levels of consciousness by attending workshop programs from The Monroe Institute, including the OBE (Out-Of-Body Experience) Intensive, Gateway Voyage, and Life Line programs. Andrew is passionate in applying his technological skills in areas that promote healing and spiritual development. His latest projects include developing software tools for EEG biofeedback to improve awareness of one’s consciousness, and using software and GDV sensors to enhance healing of our energy bodies and our environment.

Due to a health situation with someone in my family in 2014, I decided that the traditional allopathic medicine was not working for that person, and I chose to devote my time and energy to search for alternative healing methods. I researched and looked into many different modalities (from nutrition and diet, to Reiki and various variations of energy healing, to acupuncture, intuitive healing and even Shamanic practices). Amongst all, I found QHHT resonated with me the most because it allows us to get to the root causes of issues and enables us to address and fix issues at the root cause level. Once successfully dealt with (at the root cause level), issues are truly fixed once and for all, and there is no reason for them to recur. I found this to be very unique of QHHT.

You’ve probably heard of the saying that “we have all the answers from within” and that we should go within to get the answers to our questions and life challenges. Many people use meditation to help them get to that deep place within where they would be able to let insights and wisdom from their inner self (or higher self, the divine within, over soul, … it has many names) to surface to the conscious level. This is all good, but to become a seasoned meditator, many require years if not decades of persistent practices to become that.

QHHT provides a beautiful way for one to get to that state (in which you can tap into the wisdom of your inner self) with the use of hypnosis. Dolores Cannon created QHHT and she combined hypnosis with past life regression. The reason why past-life regression is part of QHHT is that often times the root causes of the challenges we face in this life are due to things happened in our past lives. Perhaps there were lessons one didn’t complete satisfactorily in his/her past life and that person is repeating those lessons in this life. Perhaps there was some kind of karma in the past, the person must face certain challenges in this life in order to release those karma. Or perhaps in the past, the person was a very good, nice, loving and positive person, but in this life, the soul wants to experience the opposite (negativity, hatred, and everything else that goes with it), all simply because the soul wants to experience negativity. Of course there can be many more reasons for how past life experiences can influence a person’s current life. But hopefully these few examples may give you some ideas for why past life regression is an important part of QHHT.

A typical session would last a minimum of 4 hours (sometimes 5). In the first half of the session, I would talk to you to get to know you, and understand your questions and concerns. In the second half of the session when we do the hypnosis, I’d be able to get the information and answers for you to the level of details that I know you’ll be satisfied with.

I look forward to working with you.

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Customer Reviews

by Enza Duvert on Andrew QHHT
Powerful and Emotional

This was my second attempt for a past life regression and it was a success! I found the perfect person for this job. I truly am grateful to Andrew's patience, time and concern for my well being. It was extremely comforting especially since I never experience something like this. He walked me through everything step by step and with such patience. His voice was always very soothing and reassuring, it allowed comfort and no worries. It was a wonderful feeling to connect knowingly to your higher self . To experience your souls true thoughts with no interruptions. All my question and concern were answered. I learned so much about my past lives and myself. I experienced so many emotions it was like i was watching a movie. Thank you Andrew for your gift and passion it allowed me to go where I thought I could never go. I definitely will be seeing Andrew again. Great Experience!

by Joanne on Andrew QHHT
I reached my higher self. A positive and insightful experience

I've had many past life regressions in the past, and so many things have come up, so many different lives. And I just felt like they weren't interconnected, they were very scattered. Were they real? Were they not real? And Andrew's session, brought it all together and I really reached my higher self. And I really found out that two of my past lives which I thought was disconnected were actually so connected. And it just gave so much insight into who I was, where I was going, what I have become, and what is yet to come. So I would suggest a session with Andrew. Definitely recommended. I think it's very important for your spiritual growth, and for your own personal growth. And it's always good to find out more about yourself. Where did I come from. Where did this all begin? Because it began so many, so many, so many lives ago. So please have a session with Andrew. Enjoy it. Take it for what it is. Enjoy the ride, and it is positive, reinforced, insightful experience.

by Shaun on Andrew QHHT
wonderful experience

I had a wonderful experience today with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Andrew Tang was the facilitator. He put me into a deep relaxed state where I connected to my higher-self. We looked back at past experiences and asked questions I previously wrote down. My questions were all answered and I learned a lot about myself.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for answers in their own life (or past ones). It is also a beautiful way to connect to yourself on a much deeper level.

by Theresa Fusco on Andrew QHHT

My session with Andrew was absolutely amazing he was professional, gentle, kind and very easy to talk to. He possesses a Zen quality within his spirit that helps your spirit go on the journey that it’s intended to. There isn’t enough that I can say about him as a practitioner, as a spiritual seeker for himself and for others. I recommend him highly. Before during and after the session, Andrews professionalism continued forward for me with me and about me. I am very grateful to Andrew and to spirit for allowing me this personal journey. It was an experience I recommend highly. This allows one to find their true meaning, existence and the soul purpose. I am grateful.

by Lisa F on Andrew QHHT

Andrew is a very patient and compassionate detail oriented hypnotist. I have been hypnotized before and I found his session to be extremely relaxing. He was very thorough with all of his questions and I slipped deeply into a Hypnosis state with his soothing voice. I reviewed several past lives that I have never visited before that would reveal a very strong and powerful message for me .
Since our session I have made considerable life changes that I have struggled with for many years. I find myself more focused on my life goals and a deeper connection with my higher intuitive self with a stronger spiritual connection. I am getting healthier , losing weight, obtaining new clients in the direction I want to go into and overall being happier. I am now attracting friends and clients who respect me and my services . I feel the session has started a new change in myself that I have been waiting my whole life to discover. It was the new perspective that I needed at the perfect time in my life . Highly recommend a session!

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