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Andrew QHHT
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by Enza Duvert on Andrew QHHT
Powerful and Emotional

This was my second attempt for a past life regression and it was a success! I found the perfect person for this job. I truly am grateful to Andrew's patience, time and concern for my well being. It was extremely comforting especially since I never experience something like this. He walked me through everything step by step and with such patience. His voice was always very soothing and reassuring, it allowed comfort and no worries. It was a wonderful feeling to connect knowingly to your higher self . To experience your souls true thoughts with no interruptions. All my question and concern were answered. I learned so much about my past lives and myself. I experienced so many emotions it was like i was watching a movie. Thank you Andrew for your gift and passion it allowed me to go where I thought I could never go. I definitely will be seeing Andrew again. Great Experience!

by Joanne on Andrew QHHT
I reached my higher self. A positive and insightful experience

I've had many past life regressions in the past, and so many things have come up, so many different lives. And I just felt like they weren't interconnected, they were very scattered. Were they real? Were they not real? And Andrew's session, brought it all together and I really reached my higher self. And I really found out that two of my past lives which I thought was disconnected were actually so connected. And it just gave so much insight into who I was, where I was going, what I have become, and what is yet to come. So I would suggest a session with Andrew. Definitely recommended. I think it's very important for your spiritual growth, and for your own personal growth. And it's always good to find out more about yourself. Where did I come from. Where did this all begin? Because it began so many, so many, so many lives ago. So please have a session with Andrew. Enjoy it. Take it for what it is. Enjoy the ride, and it is positive, reinforced, insightful experience.

by Shaun on Andrew QHHT
wonderful experience

I had a wonderful experience today with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Andrew Tang was the facilitator. He put me into a deep relaxed state where I connected to my higher-self. We looked back at past experiences and asked questions I previously wrote down. My questions were all answered and I learned a lot about myself.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for answers in their own life (or past ones). It is also a beautiful way to connect to yourself on a much deeper level.

by Theresa Fusco on Andrew QHHT

My session with Andrew was absolutely amazing he was professional, gentle, kind and very easy to talk to. He possesses a Zen quality within his spirit that helps your spirit go on the journey that it’s intended to. There isn’t enough that I can say about him as a practitioner, as a spiritual seeker for himself and for others. I recommend him highly. Before during and after the session, Andrews professionalism continued forward for me with me and about me. I am very grateful to Andrew and to spirit for allowing me this personal journey. It was an experience I recommend highly. This allows one to find their true meaning, existence and the soul purpose. I am grateful.

by Lisa F on Andrew QHHT

Andrew is a very patient and compassionate detail oriented hypnotist. I have been hypnotized before and I found his session to be extremely relaxing. He was very thorough with all of his questions and I slipped deeply into a Hypnosis state with his soothing voice. I reviewed several past lives that I have never visited before that would reveal a very strong and powerful message for me .
Since our session I have made considerable life changes that I have struggled with for many years. I find myself more focused on my life goals and a deeper connection with my higher intuitive self with a stronger spiritual connection. I am getting healthier , losing weight, obtaining new clients in the direction I want to go into and overall being happier. I am now attracting friends and clients who respect me and my services . I feel the session has started a new change in myself that I have been waiting my whole life to discover. It was the new perspective that I needed at the perfect time in my life . Highly recommend a session!

by Lisa on Andrew QHHT
Amazing Experience

Andrew is amazing. This was such an incredible experience. I really didn’t know what to expect. I learned so much, saw so much, it was a really transformative opportunity. I felt a huge sense of healing and relief afterwards, and the days following. I highly recommend Andrew for hypnosis. He is a kind, thoughtful and talented hypnotist.

by Gregory on Andrew QHHT
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique with Andrew

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Andrew, this was my first experience with any type of spiritual healing or hypnosis. I did not know what to expect. Andrew was so easy to talk with and open up to. I felt completely comfortable with him. I had never met him before. He was very helpful in pinpointing the underlying root causes of issues. I found the past life regressions intriguing and helpful in releasing blockages. Andrew left me with a new self-awareness and have me the confidence to seek answers within myself to my challenges. This is a gift and most valuable tool for growth and self-acceptance. Andrew is a natural counselor and healer. I highly recommend his services to both beginners and seasoned spiritual seekers.

by MariaV on Andrew QHHT
Incredible experience!

My experience was a lot more thorough than I had imagined it could be.
My body went into such a relaxed state so I immediately was impressed from the very beginning of the session. Information that I had already been receiving through some dreams and prior meditation ended up surfacing.. revealing purpose and putting the pieces of the puzzle together for me. I now see what a wonderful method this is to dig deep into why health issues come about.
It’s important to work with those who have passion.. that is an energy that will amplify healing. Andrew is a healer and you will feel his passion for his work in a session with him.

by Paul E on Andrew QHHT
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique performed by Andrew

I had an amazing session with Andrew this week. I never have experienced anything like it. I came to the session armed with questions, some that haunted me my whole life. In an extremely relaxing session, Andrew took me on this incredible journey, to several past lives. Each one was unique, including the lessons that I had learned. Andrew also draws out the meaning and the relation that that life had to my current life.

During the course of the session, Andrew connected me to my higher self. This was a first for me. Using my questions, in addition to insightful questions of his own, one by one my original inquiries were answered. I came away with a recording of the session to review later, if I wished, and answers to many perplexing questions regarding my life, my health, and my relationships.

Thank you Andrew for taking me on an incredible journey. I can’t wait to integrate the answers to my questions into my current life!

by Taiz on Andrew QHHT

My experience with QHHT and Andrew was profound. Andrew is very compassionate and gentle. Andrew guided me through this Meditation and Regression with patience and kindness. I felt very comfortable. I was able to connect with my higher self and 2 different experiences. He walked me through my past lives and helped me to find answers in connection with current issues in my life. I am looking forward to reviewing the USB he gave me and continuing my journey. I would recommend Andrew and QHHT to all interested in learning more about themselves.

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